Make Staying Hydrated Sexy

We’ve been touted that water is essential for hydrating the body and makes up a whopping ⅔ of our body weight. It’s a no-brainer that replenishing your body with water frequently is important. It helps the body perform essential functions like dissolving fats and soluble fiber, helping carrying out waste and a bonus, helps skin glow naturally!

Feeling sluggish and low on fuel? Drink more water! “Mentally and physically, we’re better off being hydrated,” said Paula Burke, clinical dietitian at MetroSouth Medical Center in Blue Island. With a plethora of energy drinks and soda machines at your fingertips, no wonder it’s easy to forget to drink 8 glasses of water a day. If you’re looking for a way to kick off these habits, add one of the following ingredients to zest up your water and you’ll think twice before reaching out for soda or caffeinated beverages.

Make water sexy by adding:

  • shredded ginger
  • strawberry and mint
  • slices of lemon
  • a splash of grapefruit juice
  • sparkling water with lime wedge
  • a teaspoon of cranberry juice (not cocktail)
  • slices of cucumber
  • green tea concentrate
  • sliced pineapple chunks
  • mashed blueberries, orange slices, and sparkling water
  • dried rose petals
  • blackberry and lime
  • a teaspoon of acai berry concentrate